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The MOTHER3 English Traslation had reach its testing phase!

Posted by PicoZX - September 27th, 2008

From the the blog:
"After some enlightenment, I managed to fix and finish the sprite hacking routine earlier today. It now runs at a fast speed, has no weird graphical lag or distortion, and is rock-solid and 100% professional-looking. So that means we can cross the final hack off the to-do list.

Right after I fixed the sprite text, we noticed that the game would freeze during the ending. It was a pesky bug, but we finally fixed it, it was something that crept in late last night. While I was at it, I also betterfied the fix for this old bug, which is nice.

There've been so many pics and videos that there's not too much more to show now, but I recorded one thing real quick showing a bunch of different systems that had to be hacked over the past year. You can see them all working in harmony together and looking nice and professional. Nothing spoilery, don't worry.

/* */
Now that the hacking's pretty much done (some miniscule things remain which may not be worth bothering with), that just leaves the testing phase. It'll probably start sometime this weekend, and before people start asking, we don't need help testing. The testing will be done internally for several weeks.

It's also important to clarify that testing doesn't mean "play through and have fun", it means playing stuff over and over, trying to break things, analyzing every little detail, stuff like that. It's NOT fun. But this way the game will be less likely to freeze/crash/act stupid when the patch is released to the public. Some last-minute polish will be going on during the testing phase too.

I don't know how updates will be during the testing, it may just be a weekly thing saying we're alive and well, but if we find stuff and fix it, I'll mention that quickly.

More info and details and blah blah at a later time. For now, just know that the translation's entered its final stage. Very very close now!"

Oooooooh! I can't wait!! =D

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I'v been waiting for this kind of info . . . thanx.

Np, thank you for comment! (It's fair!)